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Welcome to The Yarn Haven
     ...a Place to Learn, Share, & Be Creative
Voted Best Arts & Crafts Shop in Knoxville in 2009 & 2010
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January Winning Tickets in our "Go Green" Program
  • 367761
  • 367777
Don't take a bag with your purchase and you'll get a ticket which enters you into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate. Winning numbers will be posted the 1st day of each month here on our website.  You have until the end of the month to claim your prize. Help us protect our environment...and get the chance to win a little something for yourself.
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Here are some samples of knitting and crocheting projects that you can learn to do in one of our project classes or in a Weekly Class.
We can now purchase Ravelry patterns for you...and put them in your Ravelry library.  Just a way you can support your LYS.

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Yarn Haven Rewards

Come in and pick up a punch card.  Present card each time you check out.  Punches will be given in $5.00 increments for your total purchase (excluding classes).  Once all $ are punched, present card with next purchase for a $10 reward!

It's our way of saying "Thank you for shopping at The Yarn Haven."
Need knitting/crocheting help on your project...
Just call the shop and see when we'll have room in one of our Weekly classes.  It's just $15 and our teachers can help get you back on track with your project.

Need a Bag Lining?
We all love to knit or crochet bags.  But many times the bags would be nicer with a lining.  Kelora is an excellent tailor and would love to put a lining in your bags.  Just bring by your bag for her and she will contact you with  the cost of adding a lining to your creation. 

Blocking and Felting...
Many times we have heard folks say that they can't felt their project because they have a front-loading washer.  Or they know their garment should be blocked, but they are scared to do it.  Blocking will smooth out any wrinkles, stretch the garment out to the correct size, relaz the stitches so they are all more uniform and make the garment look and fit better.  We can provide these services for you.  Just bring in your projects to us for felting or blocking.  Cost is $10 per item.

We love to socialize...
It's always great to get together with other crafters while you work on a project.  Come bring your spinning wheel, your knitting needles or your crochet hook and your current project to our shop during our social times for an afternoon or evening of pure fiber enjoyment.

  • Monday afternoons (1-4 pm)
  • Thursday evenings (6-8 pm)

We have knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, tatting & felting supplies.
We also have over 500 unique buttons.

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We have Market Days
3 times a year.  Click on the logo above to print out your tags.

Our 8th Anniversary...

On February 2, it will have been 8 years since The Yarn Haven open its doors.  Come celebrate with us on Saturday, January 31.  We'll have refreshments and you'll get to spin the wheel to see what discount or prize you get.   Thanks for 8 wonderful years!

February Project-a-long...

Come take the Winter Magazine Challenge! 
Browse through our old magazines (2013 and earlier) and find a new project.  Purchase the yarn for that project and the magazine is yours for FREE!  There are some awesome patterns in magazines that sometimes go unnoticed.  Now's your chance to find that awesome pattern and get it free!  Then come join us as we work together on our projects on Wednesday afternnons from 1-3 pm.
Valentine's Day is approaching...and what do you want your loved one to get you?  How about a gift certificate from The Yarn Haven!  We'll have our gift certificates ready and then you too can say..."He went to The Yarn Haven".
Kelora's Trunk Show...

We have some wonderful in-house designers.  On Saturday, February 28, come check out the designs of Kelora Goethe, one of our teachers.  She has both knitted and crocheted designs that will be featured.  All of her patterns are available on Ravelry, but we'll be glad to purchase them for you.
National Crochet Month...

March is National Crochet Month.  The project we will be working on together in March is the Tangier Wildflowers Shawl using 3 skeins of Cascade Tangier yarn.  Come join us on Wednesday afternoons as we work on this gorgeous shawl together.  (If you are a knitter, you can join us as well.  Just pick out a shawl that goes with the Tangier yarn...like the Quaker Yarn Stretcher.)