4 Shades Yarn Kits

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Promenade Shawl (knitted)

Droplets Crochet shawl

Droplets Shawl (crocheted)

4 Shades Yarn is a hand-dyed yarn that knits into a beautiful Promenade Shawl. If you alternate the shades you will add depth and contrast to your project. You could also use this yarn to make the lovely Droplets Shawl which is a triangular shawl that is crocheted back and forth, from one side to the other.

This kit features four skeins of yarn, 240 yards per skein, which create a tonal range with solid and speckled colors. 4 Shades is incredibly soft and supple with a light hand, perfect to wear right next to even the most sensitive of skin on the warmest of days. The clever mix of viscose and cotton makes this machine washable yarn a year-round favorite to knit or crochet.  Promenade pattern comes free with kit...or we'll give you the pattern free for the Droplets pattern.

Kit cost is $50 + $8 shipping from Urth Yarns. Email us and we'll get your kit ordered for you!

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