A QuaranSkein Mystery Pack

I have come up with a fun way to endure this quarantine.  We are going to be making QuaranSkein Mystery Packs for you!  A QuaranSkein Mystery Pack is a yarn surprise that is created just for you!

You simply choose the amount you want to spend and we'll put together a fabulous yarn surprise along with several pattern suggestions.  Your surprise will be carefully chosen with love and care.  After all, choosing colors IS our super power.  The value of each QuaranSkein Mystery Pack will be more than what you pay.  It's a great way to survive this quarantine and have some fun along the way.

Call us with one of these amounts:   $50, $75 or $100

Give us a color you love, or tell us your favorite season. 

Tell us what weights of yarns you like working with.  

Be sure to tell us if you are allergic to wool.

Tell us whether you knit or crochet.

Then we'll put together an awesome package that will arrive at your doorstep in a couple of days...or you can choose to pick up your package curbside.

We know you'll love your QuaranSkein Mystery Pack!!

We do not sell our yarns in an online store because we don't have the point-of-sale equipment to keep up with it.  But you can still place an order by calling us at 865-694-9900 (our current hours are on the home page) or emailing us (theyarnhaven@bellsouth.net) with your order and a phone number to call to get your credit card information.  We will check our inventory to see how many we have of the color you want and call you to finalize your order.  Your credit card will be charged and we will ship your order out that same day or you can use our curbside service to pick up your order.

Shipping cost is free with $100 or more purchase.  We ship priority mail and your cost is only $4.00 and we'll pay the rest of the shipping cost.  Free bottle of hand sanitizer (while supplies last) is our free gift to you!

The Yarn Haven

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