Drop Shipping Opportunities

These companies can drop ship their products to your doorstep.  Just call us with your order, make payment, and we'll contact the company to drop ship your order to you.  This is a great way to get products that we don't currently carry in our shop!


You can order from Berroco and/or any of its partner brands with a flat fee of $7.00 shipping.  Click on the Berroco logo to go to their website.


You can also order from Urth Yarns. 

Their shipping charges are based on how many skeins your order.

1 skein - $2.93 First Class

2 skeins - $3.39 First Class

3 skeins - $4.18 First Class

4 skeins - $5.40 First Class

5 skeins - $8.00 Priority Flat Rate

6 skeins - $9.00 Priority Flat Rate

7 skeins - $10.00 Priority

8 skeins - $10.00 Priority

9 to 15 skeins - $13.25 Priority Flat Rate

16 skeins & up - $18.25 Priority Flat Rate

 Kits - $4.18 First Class to $8.00 Priority Flat Rate


Click on the Urth logo to go to their website.

appalachian baby design.jpg

You can order from Appalachian Baby Design.  They will be charging priority shipping. 

Click on the Appalachian Baby Design logo to go to their website.

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