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I've had my eye on Emma's Yarn for a while now.  It caught my attention because Emma was a home-schooler.  Being a former home-schooling mom, I was intrigued with how her small business got started by a math assignment.  We just got in 34 beautiful colorways of Emma's Practically Perfect Sock.  Because shawl kits are so popular now with a solid and a variegated, I chose half of the colorways in a solid/tonal and the other half in matching variegations.  And we are currently the only ones in Tennessee where you can purchase Emma's Yarn.  Check it out in our new store!

Emma’s Yarn was started by Emma, a then 15 year-old home-schooled student who was simply completing a math lesson when she fell in love with dyeing yarn. It all started when she dyed a small batch of yarn for fun when learning about ratios in her math class.

From then on, she just couldn’t get enough! Emma now divides her time between being a dedicated high school student, a beautiful dancer, and an amazing indie dyer. Emma’s sister, Aspen, has just graduated from college with a degree in Anthropology and has joined her sister in dyeing and developing Emma’s Yarn full time.

With a family of knitters and weavers with entrepreneurial minds and a passion for color, Emma’s Yarn quickly went from a creative school lesson to a family-run, lots of fun dye studio located in Winter Haven, Florida. 

With six different bases and two mini skein options, over 70 crazy beautiful colorways, and new ideas pumping all.the.time, there is no end to our fun in sight! 

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