These stitch markers are perfect for super bulky yarns.  They are super smooth (no snags) and easy to open and close.  With 2 colors in each package, you can denote different things; try placing one color at the start of the round and the other at the side seams of a sweater.  Perfect to mark a stitch instead of the space between stitches,  as well as for increases, decreases and standard marker uses.


These are especially good for crocheters.  Use them to mark the first and last stitch of the row on long afghans— this prevents you from accidentally skipping those stitches. And we always use them to secure the working loop of our yarn when we're ready to put the project down.


Each package contains 20 markers, 10 per color...and a handy carrying case!

Clover Locking Stitch Markers

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