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Knitter's Pride Single Pointed Needles

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes and best for back-and-forth knitting. Single pointed needles are turned at the end of each row. They are called single pointed because they have a tapered point on one end and stopper on the other end. 

For knitters who like to rest a needle against their body while knitting, single pointed needles are the only option. These needles are perfect for flat knitting.  Each size is a different color of wood and may look different from the picture above.


KA 9"  Single-Point Knitting Needle

KA needles are made of a high quality premium white bamboo and manufactured by Kinki Amibari Manufacturing Company, Japan.


Clover 13" Takumi Velvet Single Point Needle

We love these eco-friendly Takumi Velvet Knitting Needles.  Made of renewable bamboo, these knitting needles contain no petro-chemicals that can harm the environment. Highly polished, their velvety smooth finish speeds your knitting along too! Needles are 13" in length.  


Squirrel 10" Single Point Needle

-This type of round single point knitting needles are 10" long.

-The needles are smoothly sanded and varnished with a light coat of high-gloss sealant to ensure durability.

-Only high quality woods and varnishes are used to best reflect the beauty of the wood grain and its natural color.


Squirrel's finely crafted knitting needles and crochet hooks are environmentally friendly, safe, recycled and compostable.

Single Pointed Needles

  • USPS Priority Mail – Since the online shop is closing, all orders will have an $8 shipping fee.  Orders typically take 2 - 3 days to arrive once they leave our shop.


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