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Gloves in a Bottle is the best product that I have found to soften your hands...and then lets you go directly back to your crafting.


Gloves in a Bottle bonds with the outer layer of skin cells, creating an invisible shield or "glove".  This now-enhanced outer layer of skin helps protect from the damaging effects of chemicals, irritants and toxins found at work and home.  


Helps protect against the elements and irritants that strip moisture out and cause dry, cracked and irritated skin while helping to retain natural moisture and oils which repair damaged skin from within.


  • NO greasiness!
  • NO smell!
  • NO residue!


Apply to clean, dry skin.  Reapply every 4-12 hours as needed.  Comes off naturally with exfoliating skin cells.  For all skin - hands, body and face!

Gloves in a Bottle

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