My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian

A fabulous crochet doll pattern with over 50 cute crochet doll clothes and accessories!


With a range of clothing and accessory patterns, dress up your doll for home and abroad, from basic underwear and shoes to dresses, dungarees, sweaters, coats, and hats. As well as wardrobe essentials, you can create accessories to match each outfit, including a teddy for bedtime, a bucket for the beach, cakes for the kitchen, and even a penguin for the North Pole! There’s a range of dressing-up costumes, with an adorable bear suit and a fun superhero mask and cape. The cute mini suitcase pattern is the perfect for storing all of your dolls belongings and it doubles up as a bed too!

Be aware that crochet terms in the United States are different from those in the U.K. This can be confusing as the same terms are used to refer to different stitches under each system. All crochet patterns in this book are written in U.K. and European terms. U.S. crocheters must take care that they work the correct stitches. One way to tell which system is being used in other patterns is that the American system starts with a single crochet, which the U.K. system doesn't have; so patterns with “sc” in them can be identified as American patterns.

My Crochet Doll

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