Pick up this book, grab your needles and become a Knitchick The Knitchicks present a comprehensive, practical, hands-on guide to knitting any sweater you could possibly want. No need to fear, because each of the designs is easy to knit, totally wearable and comes with a hearty helping of Knitchick personality. It's time to have fun with your sticks Inside The Knitchicks' Guide to Sweaters , you'll find: more than 25 simple, classic sweater designs for women, men and children. information that will help you understand patterns - not just follow them. Adjust the patterns for a perfect fit, or even design your own. step-by-step photographs of all the need-to-know techniques - no reference books required Let the Knitchicks teach you sweater savvy and show you how to declare your knitting independence

The Knitchicks' Guide to Sweaters

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